Child Swing - Slate Grey
Child Swing - Slate Grey
Child Swing - Slate Grey
Solvej Swings

Child Swing - Slate Grey

$170.00 NZD $170.00 NZD

This is a safe, comfortable and attractive swing skillfully crafted for the home environment. This kids swing is ideal for children to "tummy swing" on.
This swing is suitable from 3 years old.
This child swing's construction increases the safety for children playing in the vicinity of the swing in use. The soft canvas seat hugs the shape of the body when swinging, sitting or lying on the tummy, making it a safer swing (no extruding hard parts that have no give). The ropes are made from an extremely strong 10 mm high-performance yachting braid.
This Solvej swing is made from weatherproof materials, natural durable timber, rot proof canvas, and yachting braid so you can use it indoors and outdoors.
This swing has our standard 9-year guarantee.
Packing and Convenience
Conveniently designed the swing rolls up compactly for storage or transport. Stainless steel carbine hooks (eye-bolts not provided) make it very easy for you to move the swing.